EVOLUTION OF THE COMPANY: ALC Group was established on 1st May 2014 by Mr. Prabhat Singh with high vision to provide best class travel services to all clients and deliver what is said.
Having a rich experience in travel industry and traveling he was inspired to open his own travel company where everyone has a chance to explore and express their capabilities. The company began to evolve soon with his dedication and expertise in the field, then he began associating people for growing his business to next level. It’s been many years now since the company was started and company already has its multiple travel brands (ALC Travels, ALC MICE, Florid India Tours, ALC Expedition) to cater all kind of specified markets. Company has multiplied its turnover multiple times from the beginning year. Every year company is achieving its more than target set. Company has gained good reputation in the market in terms of business and market value. 

CORPORATE PROFILE: ALC Group is one of the few organizations that can offer a full spectrum of tourism services with flexible and efficient services under one roof. The services we provide are of a high standard, friendly and professional. Our belief in pursuance to excellence & cultivation of better resources has always inspired our staff & they are always ready with their architectural skills to tailor your travel need on your frame. Whether it’s a leisure trip or corporate affair, we are here to craft it happen to you. We believe in working with credible channel partners to ensure our services not only trustworthy but to deliver with extra care. With the advance technology behind, ALC is proud for its dependable services, each of our services offered integrates to each other. Our specialized departments offer a diversity of services with knowledgeable and persistent approach to search for the most appropriate travel arrangements and identifying the best possible value. 
Our All Time Assistance concept, the person who handles your enquiry is available in telephonic help to you round the clock.

ALC PEOPLE AND RELATIONSHIP: ALC is an organization where people are nurtured through continuous learning and skill improvement; and are respected, heard and encouraged to do their best. 
Here at ALC we believe that a company is made by its employees. We value our relationship with our travel and trade partner as well as friendly and open working environment. People are nurtured here with gradual learning and developing their skills. We provide individuals opportunity to showcase their talent and grow. Employee satisfaction is highly considered in ALC. We build relation with our clients to learn their interests, preferences and lifestyle. We get to know our customers, one by one thus adding extraordinary value to our shareholders.

Vision behind ALC VISA EXPRESS: During our business career we realized that visa facilitation services are very unorganized and customers do not get proper information and assistance for their visa application & it result their visa refusal. That is why our group promoters has decided to set proper visa facilitation company (“ ALC Visa Express Private Limited”) where customers could get proper information and assistance for their visa application.